Ticket for the American Freedom Train, 1976

To celebrate the Bicentennial, the American Freedom Train was created, with 10 display cars pulled by steam engine, touring all the contiguous States. The train was filled with such treasures as the original Louisiana Purchase, Judy Garland’s dress from the Wizard of Oz, Martin Luther King Jr.’s pulpit, George Washington’s personal copy of the Constitution, and a piece of the moon. The train toured for … Continue reading Ticket for the American Freedom Train, 1976

Flamingo Restaurant Matchbook

The exotic sounding Flamingo Restaurant used to be on North Broadway, Tarrytown in the spot currently home to Sushi Thai Asian Fusion. Run by the Mosa family from Israel, it got a special mention in the New York Times, December 1977 holiday guide to having “An Ichabod Crane Christmas”; “For authentic Middle Eastern food, a visitor might try the Flamingo Restaurant on Route 9 in … Continue reading Flamingo Restaurant Matchbook

New York Central System Railroad Timetable, 1949

The grand New York Central was one of the country’s great railways. Overseen by Cornelius Vanderbilt, and headquartered in the Helmsley Building next to its flagship Grand Central Terminal, the railway system ran such iconic locomotives as the futuristic looking, Art Deco gem, the 20th Century Limited. One of its main lines was the Hudson River Railroad, servicing commuters along the Hudson River. Back in … Continue reading New York Central System Railroad Timetable, 1949

Sleepy Hollow Restorations

What we call “Historic Hudson Valley” today started out as “Sleepy Hollow Restorations” in 1951 and was started by John D. Rockefeller Jr. in a wonderful effort to preserve history and education the public. Rockefeller gave the educational trust 20 million dollars when it started in the care of Philipsburg Manor, Van Cortlandt Manor, Sunnyside and Kykuit. Thankfully, he saw in all the potential to … Continue reading Sleepy Hollow Restorations

Tarrytown Light tobacco card

A Tarrytown Light tobacco card (today known as The Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse). These collectible cards were put in cigarette packs as an incentive to buy the product and also served as a stiffener to protect the cigarettes from crushing. There were many subjects depicted on the cards, (animals, ships, military uniforms, politicians to name a few). Originally printed in the 1880’s, production ceased in 1894 … Continue reading Tarrytown Light tobacco card